Our Story

Meet Samantha Huerta and Nithi Narasappa – our Co-Founders!


We were compelled to create something to share with the world after having experienced the heartache and helplessness of watching our loved ones battle cancer. We witnessed firsthand the devastating treatment effects including nausea, vomiting, neuropathy, loss of appetite and loss of sleep that struck our father and brother. Through this painful ordeal, we discovered the benefits of CBD and now find ourselves on a mission to share an alternative path to wellness. As we researched CBD products, we found that many contained adverse ingredients such as sugar and cornsyrup which increases your risk of other health complications. This led us to create a product that is natural and inclusive to all!

Cool Bits was created to help you meet your wellness goals! Each of our mints contain 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil from hemp allowing the entourage effect to provide you with maximum wellness and is combined with a sugar-free, all-natural formula. Our proprietary formulas produce flavors which are mind-blowing! Our product testing included individuals who not only were facing the challenge of cancer but also Parkinson’s, neuropathy, depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation.

Along the way, we found individuals from all walks of life who are now part of the Cool Bits family. Join our journey and give Cool Bits a try!


ReLeaf Innovations Corporation was founded to help guide others to an alternative way of discovering health and well-being.

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